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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yum Cream

Otherwise known as snow cream. I have read a couple blogs by people who regularly get snow and in turn make snow cream. I thought for sure the next time we got snow we would do this.

Let me just say this is so delicious...we all Loved it!!!

Get some fluffy good snow. Put a few scoops in a cereal bowl or any other bowl you want.
You need vanilla, sugar, and either heavy cream or milk (we used the heavy cream).

1/4-1/2 tsp of vanilla
1-3 Tbsps sugar
4-6 Tbsps of either cream or milk
Stir together and ENJOY!!
This is seriously good stuff!!!

Although, I am totally over the snow/ice this did make the snow a little more fun...ugh I am so ready for the sun!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Jason's parents had bought a sled several years ago when it seemed it might snow more regularly in Georgia. Of course once the sled was purchased there wasn't another time to use it. Thank goodness for us they had saved the sled and gave it to us. We had it stored in our attic, and although I was really trying to believe this snow wasn't coming Jason got it down from the attic.

I am glad he did because Jake has loved it. Thank God for Pawpaw when Daddy is at work. Pawpaw took a million trips up the hill with Jake and pushed him down in the sled.

Snowed In

I knew that no matter the weather Jason would attempt to drive to work. They were calling for bad weather, with predictions of a lot of ice and possible power outages. My parents live a little closer to Jason's work and have easier access to the interstate to get there. Because Jason would be at work and was even planning to spend the night there if need be I decided it would be better for Jake & I to be snowed in at my parents house then at home all alone.

We packed up tons of stuff and headed over to their house before the weather got bad. I was really hoping the weather predictions were off and the weather wasn't going to be bad.

I guess I was wrong. It is estimated we have had somewhere between 4 & 6 inches of snow. And on top of what was nice fluffy snow it continued with sleet and freezing rain. Which left a big crunchy layer of ice on top of the snow. (if you aren't from Georgia...every single thing in the state shuts down at the first hint of snow/ice)

Jason made it to work safely...after all the pizza business never rests. And Jake & I are enjoying some time snowed in at my parents house. There is no telling how long we will be here. With the weather not predicting to be much over freezing all week the snow is said to be sticking around.

Snow days as kids are so much fun & it would be much more enjoyable if Jason would have a snow day too. Instead I dread going out in the freezing and it is inevitable that Jake will ask several times to go out and play.

We have enjoyed filling our time by putting together a few puzzles.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White Christmas

As I said in my other Christmas post for the first time basically ever(pretty sure no one from 1800 is still living) Georgia experienced a white Christmas. I am sure to those of you in the north this isn't that huge, but for us who hardly ever see snow it was pretty huge. We got about 4 inches total. Just enough to make it look beautiful outside, be fun to play in for a little while and of course in the south to halt just about everything.